Monday, March 31, 2014

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

   So first of all transfer calls are on Saturday and I'll go to a new city most likely on Monday.

     We don't watch conference here until the 12-13th

     and sorry for flipping the table i'll put that back.    ┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) sorry

     so This week, yeah! so fantastic haha! whoo hoo, nope sorry this week was actually kinda boring. humm.... oh we played pirates dice at game night that was kinda fun.  oh oh oh OH when we were looking for trash, well not looking for trash but cleaning it we were cleaning under this bridge and this bum came and was like "Co Děláte?!" (what're y'all doing?) and we're like cleaning? and he's like no! and then were like ok sorry but apparently we were cleaning their house haha well not funny that they live out there but it's a funny situation haha.

but then later when we were cleaning i found a hedgehog!! i named it sonic! but then i couldn't get the sonic song out of my head "rolling around at the speed of sound" if a hedgehog was rolling around at the speed of sound it could kill you! they're poky, i would know i touched one! anyway

we saw a sick Ferrari

haha the spell checker is in english (american) yeeeahhh!​ MURICAN!

anyway i'm seriously at a loss of what to right, haha yesterday at church i was talking to an older sister in the branch and i was like, "this is my last week" and she's like "Co! CO!" she just couldn't believe it then she invited us over for lunch :D and they were just like "You've been here 6 months?!" ahhah yeah now i'm peacin out!


anyway nothing much more to write, but man, I was teaching an investigator some little insecurities about joining the church. And about religion in general, and then i was just thinking about it so much and this church is just so good! like some people in it get like all judgmental like you drink Fruit tea pshh but they just need to get off their little low pony and be accepting like Jesus!  We're The Church Of JESUS CHRIST! like if you're being prideful and self righteous then your just as bad as the people doing the "sinning" anyway so all y'all need to be a little more humble and accepting!


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