Monday, March 10, 2014

HaHa Joke...

hahaha no just kidding hhaha

but this week was pretty good, last Monday we went to the zoo. zoo's suck.

Tuesday yeah i can't remember because i just got distracted by the fact that I get to go to slovakia!!! yeah woohoo! so i was guessing that i'd probably never get to go to Slovakia my whole mission but my next zone conference is going to be in Bratislava!! whoo hoo

umm now i have no idea.  oh yeah so this guy with the bible thing. hahaha so we have this investigator guy,  we were at his house the other day and he's all showing us this conspiracy bible stuff on this crazy tv show, but it was crazy.  on the tv show they were talking about this statue that was found in South America that depicted an antichrist who was struck down by an angel and then preached of Christ... WHAT?  ALMA THE YOUNGER!!! so i'm all like wait, pause it, pause it! and he's all like why? "what they said just barely...." then i went off about the book of mormon and he's like what that really happened and i'm like true story bro.

cookies, so last Sunday we were going to make cookies and we made them well "made" we got about 18 and burned about 36ish and but the people we gave the good ones to liked them.  but basically not my fault, our oven is awful. like it's just one big huge burner in the bottom and there is no temp gauge and that sucked. oh and i had to chop up candy bars because they don't have chocolate chips here? what?

anyway i hope you're cookies are not burned and also have fun with life. oh and you know waht i found out, so there's this prominent religion here called like "Hari Krishna" and they believe in reincarnation but the more times you say  "Hari Krishna" the more likely you are to be saved but this is the religion that does those big chalk fight things and at them they play this song that just keeps saying "Hari Krishna""Hari Krishna""Hari Krishna" so they're trying to convert you hahah

so have a nice week everyone.


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