Monday, March 17, 2014

this magician is walking down a street and turns into a bar...

so Czechs, they really like dem corny jokes. like a lot haha like they will just buckle over with laughter so if any one has a good joke send one. or even a just a dumb joke like "orange you glad i didn't say banana?" send them this way.

oh but no like WW2 jokes you can't really tell those here. 

ok so I had a great week umm actually I'm just assuming I had a great week because I don't actually know what I did hold up lemme go check

ok so actually this week was pretty mediocre. we just had like average days and we went to some cool members' houses and we taught some pretty cool phahah so i just remembered this way funny thing so last Monday we were in fhe and so we were telling corny jokes like i said earlier and my companion is all like "hey i got a good joke,... Canada." hahaha it was so funny we all just bust up laughing except another elder in my district who's Canadian. and one of the girls who was laughing with us like realized that we just insulted him and she like stops laughing and's like "i'm sorry,.." cutting her off in reply, he says, " no no i'm sorry" in the most Canadian accent hahah then we all just bust up laughing again hahah. yeah good times
well this was a short one so sorry well i jsut don't have much to write. oh my heck so there's this lady next to me watching a video and i cant hear it but i like i just will like glance over and she has the mouse right in the middle of the video. it's bugging me so bad like if i was on her right side i would "accidentally" bump her mouse.  that's just my biggest pet peeve it just is so distracting. ok well now I'm rambling. see ya

-The best (current) missionary in the family haha totes jk jaynanne. haha but seriously -Spencer.

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