Monday, March 3, 2014

email that's short cause i'm outa time because i had to write my mission pres

so this is short because i had to write my mission pres a long email talking about an investigator and also sorry for all the spelling mistakes because i'm typing faster than this computer can process no seriously this computer is like worse than my calculator.

umm my week went well today is the last day for the senior couple in my area and then we'll get some new ones in on the Friday.

this week we had this sick trip to the top of this cathedral in the city.  it's the tallest thing, and then we just got to walk out on this little balcony and take pictures! haha is was so high, also the     i'll send some pictures next week but i don't even want to try on this computer.

Olomouc from top of Cathedral
bible guy some one email me and tell me to talk about him in my next email why am i hitting so many random keys.

also cookies haha they sucked some one remind me of that to

k and that's it. sorry for such a short one

but hey the church of Jesus Christ is the only true church, except maybe... nope haha... that was a joke, it's the only one. and through the church you can find happiness and through the atonement of Christ you can overcome any hard times. So just remember that with grandpa's situation.

tak ttfn


p.s. mollie can you send me the recipe for cookies.


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