Monday, April 28, 2014

Praha today baby!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABBIE AND ADÉLA!! (and anyone else if it's your birthday and i forgot)

so today i'm in the great city of Prague doing haha ke$ha music just came on oh what's this song called, ... tik tok hahah alright so doing... oh yeah we're doing visa work here so that we can legally live here haha it went pretty well today no one really had a problem haha but like i don't understand why the people at the visa office just assume we understand czech, like i do but like there telling me all of this stuff while they're taking my fingerprints and it's just crazy the vocab they're using but i mean come on you work in an office where all the people you work with aren't from your country like? what you just expect that everyone speaks perfect czech? whatevs though the lady that i was with was really nice so it's all good and my visa is working.

any way now that i'm done with my rant for the day, my week has been a bit crazy, we had to move apartments which i will again have to do tomorrow. so that's just fantastic.  but besides moving last Monday we went to štramberk, i probably talked about that last week though. then the rest of the week was pretty rainy and windy so we did more inside stuff that needed to get done like move and clean our apartment. 

Sunday though was the best day, we woke up at 5 and had to get on a train at 6:45 but i was busy wrapping a present and i couldn't find rapping paper so we almost missed our train, and we were running to it and there was this huge escalator and the down was closed and so our only option was to run down the up escalator and it took so long, oh my heck it seemed like an eternity we were just running and i felt like we weren't moving at all then we got to the bottom eventually and we hauled like 400 yard sprint in suits, then down some stairs found our platform and came up the stairs just as the train came... whew i got tired just thinking about it. so then we took a train ride for 3 hours to Brno and it was so fun we had a good time on the train we told some stories of just random funny stuff but there was this sister in my district who's story takes the cake, it was hilarious.

so then we got to Brno and We had district conference, it's like stake conference, it was awesome, because i got to see all the people from Olomouc. And they're doing so well then. the conference was good, i got to sit between my two favorite people, it was a good time.  A general authority spoke and some presidency people, president mckonkie and the president of the frieberg temple spoke.  it was a really good conference though, i already said that 3 times but it was. but then afterwards i just got to hang out with some of my friends from oloumouc and some missionaries that i've served around, it was really fun.

then we had zone conference, and it was freaking cool they showed us a ted talk By Amy Cuddy about Body Language   It's really good, maybe only like 10-15 mins it'll change your life. not a joke. just go watch it.

​then i went to praha with the APs and ate dinner with his family, it was so good.  and then at the end they gave us this pinapple upside down cake that president made... so freaking good. but his family is so funny haha it just reminded me of home haha it was a good meal time. Then i stayed the night with the office elders and did visa work this morning.

It was a good week, my lessons this week were going super well, we had 2 lessons where we set baptismal dates for our investigators and like at first they're like umm i don't know i don't really want to set up a date for it like kinda i guess they just think it'll happen... but like i mean you can't just get baptized it's not as easy as that, but we had some members in both of our lessons for baptismal dates and they just told the story of how they got baptized and one of them had been an investigator for over a year, but he refused to set up a date, and he knew so much about the church and he really liked meeting with us and had some good friends in the branch but, he said that the sisters who were teaching him just told him you got to set up a date, and by that time God will, if you put forth the effort, show you what is truth.  and so he did it and now he's baptized and just has the strongest testimony... Goals are important, if you don't have a goal then you can do a bunch of tasks, at least in the gospel, but if God sees that you don't have a goal then he can't do nearly as much for you.   So anyway now we have two investigators who will be baptized next month right before they go to England. and they're pretty strong and intelligent people, so it'll be good. but a plan with no goal is like a race with no finishing line, you'll run forever and ever and you'll get stronger but until you have a goal you'll just keep running.

This church is God's church, people. It really is. The book of Mormon is true.  this week with 2 of our investigators we read 2 Nephi 33:10-12, Nephi says if you believe in Christ you'll believe in these words and vice-verse.  also we read with them 2 Nephi 25:26 - all we do in this church is glorify Christ and what he did for us. 
this truly is Christ's church on the earth today. I know it.

Till next week!

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