Monday, July 7, 2014

Just rolling with the punches

my week went well, it's hot out here in Zlin, the exchange with the zone leaders that i had went so well, but we had a lot of contacting time this week, for some reason no one will pick up there phones, i don't know why. We will seriously get like 6 numbers a day and then none of them will pick up... it's slightly frustrating. but we have a way cool investigator who is doing well, she has a baptismal date, we teach her 1ce a week because that's all her work schedule allows, but she is so accepting of everything, and also so bright, like when we teach something, she gets it and has some questions but then understands and we don't have to go back over it, it's pretty awesome. the work is moving out here though, it's going well this Sunday will be interesting, only 2 members might show up... so that's going to be fun haha, it's not like a problem just so you know, only people going on vacation so don't get to worried. haha

oh and today was pretty awesome, we went (we two and the sisters in my district) on a bicycle ride, to a sick Kostel in Velehrad, but i forgot my camera, so sorry, but no pics, don't worry i'll get pictures from the sisters, (they took a ton) then we just got back, longest, hottest bus ride of my life, i was literally dripping sweat just sitting there, it was pretty nuts, but now i'm just way tired.  but it was a pretty awesome vylet.

well, keep up the good work, 4th of july was also awesome we sang the three american hymns from the hymn book and went to KFC and basically 'MURIKA!  then pretty much we just talked about how great america is all day, and basically GOD BLESS AMERICA!! that about sums it up, if you're reading this and your czech, yeah i'm sorry that your country is like almost as the best in the world, almost, if your Italian and you're reading this you should just be ashamed. then go to america and learn how to make real pizza (haha) anyway america, america!


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