Monday, July 21, 2014

what a week.

just kidding nothing super exciting actually happened this week... so yeah. just a normal super hot week here in the city of Zlin!

but it is Bryce's birthday today! so happy birthday Bryce!

oh speaking of birthdays it was one of the sisters in my district's birthday on Thursday, I made a cake, and we sang during district meeting it was pretty good.

today I'm going to be in Kroměříž  it's really pretty there apparently, I've only stopped there by train a few times so i haven't got to see it really so that'll be exciting.  Oh another cool thing, we started teaching this family in Otrokovice,  they are just so nice! but yeah I'll be going there tomorrow to teach them again they are just so cool, they are 7th day Adventists, which in my eyes is probably the most respectable religion, and you can just tell how happy they are with a relationship with God in their lives, it's very visible with the sharp contrast you can see in this country, it's awesome.  but yeah that's about it for me here in the Czech Republic.

haha one last thing, so me and my companion play ping pong a lot on pdays when we have a leftover hour or two.  hahah he's not very good... don't tell him i told you hahah but yeah they other day i was kinda bored of winning so i started playing with my left hand, after it was like 7-0 i was just like wow, it's really hard playing left handed hahaha, he was so mad, then I told him I'm ambidextrous to make him feel better hahah 

so that's it for the week sorry i don't have much to say, it was just a pretty regular week so yeah.

but here's something important that i learned, so i was reading in 1st Nefi (because i started over the book of mormon) but when Lehi dies actually maybe it's right at the start of 2nd Nefi, but when Lehi dies his son Nefi says something that stood out to me, he said, in verse 27 of chapter 4 of 2nd Nefi "why am I angry because of mine enemy?" then in 28 "rejoice, o my heart and give place no more for the enemy of my soul" and then continues in to verse 29 saying "do not anger again because of mine enemies."
so here Nefi is talking in 3rd person and at first he asks himself this question "why am i angry because of mine enemy?" and he realizes there is no need to be angry with his enemies right? but then it's interesting where his thoughts then turn in verse 28 he decides the source of his anger, "the enemy of my soul" aka the devil.  then in verse 29 we see that he reminds himself to not be angry because, when we are angry as we learn in 3rd Nefi 11:29  it is only because we are giving in to the devil, who "stirreth up the hearts of men to contend with anger" so in my council to you all, be slow to anger, cast off the sin which doth so easily beset you, rejoice in your hearts "and cry unto the Lord, and say: O Lord, I will praise thee forever; yea, my soul will rejoice in thee, my God, and the rock of my salvation." (30) these things i say, type, ve jmeno Ježíše Krista Amen.


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