Monday, July 28, 2014

hi sorry, really short one.

Hey this isn't a joke, I just don't have time today, to email that much, and a ton of people wrote me randomly this week , but my week was good,  I had success, I'm doing well, and I'm healthy, haha I figured out how to use the deep frier in our kitchen haha yeah.   I bought a 2.5 kilo bag of fries.  hahahah but yeah this week was super good though, we had an amazing conference.  I'll write about it next week sorry for such a short one, see yall next week!!

This year and last on the 24th of July we gathered all our Czech Missionaries at Priest Hill near Karlstejn Castle to commemorate the dedication of Czechoslovakia for the preaching of the gospel by Elder John A. Widstoe.  A great spiritual day.


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