Monday, September 15, 2014

Good attitudes

So this week i've just been focusing on having a good attitude because I was sick all week. but the good news is i lost 2 kilos this week because of it haha but the bad news is i was pretty tired all week. so now i can't even remember what we did, lets see last Monday we went to that place that i sent a picture of then on Tuesday we had a meeting in Uherske Hradiste. umm we did a chalk drawing of the Plan of salvation in the park and taught some people about it.  then while we were cleaning our apartment building this tenant stopped us and we talked about why were missionaries and she invited us over for dinner the next day. we had dinner with them the next day, with her and her boyfriend, they were really interesting and funny, I made cookies for them, (which they loved btw) but after that nothing much happened I took like a two hour nap once (because i was sick not lazy) it felt good. oh then we made some fried chicken in our deep frier it was so good, then the next day we made more fried chicken in our deep frier it was even better.  we also made a ton of mashed potatoes. and i really i'm lost at what to write as you can tell, so i'm just going to stop here so you all don't have to suffer through my rambling. 

But by the way i was reading "How to Win Friends and Influence People" Dale Carnegie and he gives the account of Benjamin Franklin who in his youth was a really big arguer then one day one of his friends just yelled at him and just said "No one cares! (basically) You need to change and stop arguing with everyone" and so then Benjamin changed and became one of the most successful people ever and he credited it to that instance because he knew his friend was right. so he changed, and that change his life and made him who he was.

My point in telling you this story: I want all of you to list all of my bad attributes that you can think of, all of them, and i wont argue with you, I'm just going to take them into consideration, and make changes.  Also, i don't want any emails that say: "oh you don't have anything worth mentioning" That's just putting me at a disservice because i can't grow at all, so please don't do that, also i will see it as insulting if you just don't make mention of these whole 2 paragraphs. so you don't have to feel uncomfortable railing on me.  Please do it and be as harsh and nit-picky as you can.  Please bring up 'that one time' when i did 'that one thing' because hey, how often does someone give you this opportunity, anyways, so that's all i got.  Please send me an email, and also, family, you should tell everyone to send me one because i don't know if everyone actually reads these, so have 'em read it this week, but till next week have a good one! 

Peace off!


ps even if you're not in my family and your reading this on my blog or whatever please do the activity thing as well!

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