Tuesday, September 30, 2014

32 emails!!

Just barely i opened my email and was like "what up, 32 emails" so thanks for all the love! and for the pictures! sounds like you're all doing fantastic! sounds like the homecoming for Jaynanne went well and that the dance and general women's conference went well (is that what it's called?) But shout out to Brooke Pierson she got her mission call to Warsaw Poland! that's so cool, she probably won't even read this but I'm pretty excited about it!  Poland is my neighboring country we speak pretty much the same language!

This week went well though, we had some good times, in my mission once a transfer we're allowed to go to a cultural event, i.e. opera, symphony, festival, sporting event. but this week we went to a Czech traditional festival out in Kunovice, I'd send you some pics but I forgot my card reader.  It was such a good festival, haha so czech, everyone just getting drunk and havin' fun.  haha the best line of the day... we're watching this band perform and the the trumpeters are like drinking between songs and the conductor, who was also singing the folk music was all like, "what are you doing?" as if to chastise them, "why not drink half a liter?! haha"  it was so funny.  we walked around and had some candy from the stands.  I had this huge cotton candy, i'll send a pic haha it was massive!

oh, quick side note, the reason i'm emailing on Tuesday is because we had to have zone conference on Monday so our p-day we moved to Tuesday.  

Folk Festival in Kunovice
The rest of the festival went well after that though. Oh, there was this way cool instrument, it was like a grand piano with no keys and the guy played it like an xylophone (i think that's the instrument) it was way cool.  It's a Czech traditional instrument so they don't have the name for it in English.  But yeah the festival was really fun though!

On the spiritual side of things. haha Our Zone Conference was really cool.  there are 4 sisters from my zone ending their missions this transfer.  One of them is in my district.  It was weird because they were in the MTC at the same time as Jaynanne so it finally clicked in my head that Jaynanne is actually home now! hahaha even though you guys have told me about it, it was just kinda like unreal,  haha it's probably because i just read emails, and it's like a story of your lives in  a book that i read for a half hour every week haha. Anyway, zone conference was great.

That's all from me for now.  I didn't have the most exciting week so nothing really to talk about, yup, so have fun watching conference this week, I'll watch it in 2.

well, peace off!


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