Tuesday, September 2, 2014

This comes first this week

Hey so i'm not reading any emails this week, i'm just going to start out with a letter to you guys so that i actually can have time.  So this week, i'm doing good, so to start of the week, monday was pretty awesome, we went on a vylet to a place called Napajedla, and visited the Zamek there it was really pretty, then we went and sat by the river, while we waited for our bus, it was pretty relaxing, it reminded me of Loll.

Tuesday was kinda long nothing really, we just walked around and did nothing (well we talked to people on the streets) But i made cookies, thanks Mollie for the reciepte (cooking instructions)
Uherske Hradiste Streets

Wednesday so this day was so cool, well actually not really, so i went to Interview someone for baptism in Uherske Hradiste (characters missing) but as we sat there the sisters Investigator didn't show up, which is really unlike him, so we said some prayers and he still didn't come. But after 2 hours of waiting (just because of our bus times) we went home to Zlin. Turns out that the sisters' investigator did come, like 5 mins after us, but the doors were locked by a different tenant of the building, so the guy stood there and waited for 30 mins then left, 5 mins after he left, the sisters went out to check for him, pretty crazy.  But that's not the end... (wait till Friday.) also today I got to give someone a blessing.  It was so cool.  It was indescribable, I could just feel the power of the priesthood flowing through me.  It was so amazing.  I know the priesthood keys were given to Joseph Smith, it's just simply the truth.

Thursday, woke up went to Brno, We had an awesome zone conference there and it was just so... Awesome! (i know i used awesome twice) then because my companion had visa work on Friday we got a ride from the Mckonkies with the APs to Prague, it was a pretty good car ride, haha the Mckonkies just kept asking questions to me and my companion, trying to see a normal missionaries' point of view on stuff. haha it was enjoyable company.  then we slept in the office elders' apartment.

Friday, was good, we woke up my companion went to do visa work and me and the other companions from the visa group went to sing in Prague so we stood on a corner and sang, after that we went to a mexican restaurant, SO GOOD, i haven't had authentic mexican food for a year, SO GOOD!  after that we went and took a bus back to Uherske Hradiste again to Interview this baptismal candidate, the interview went well, it was kinda hard in czech haha but we got through it (he passed as well), so then after that we took a bus home to Zlin, and in Zlin Friday-Sunday they had a huge rally, where tons of people from all over the world came and competed and spectated. Every single hotel for 15 Kilometers outside of Zlin was booked, (and in Zlin of course) so all night we just listened to the rally cars speed past our apartment.

Saturday,  Weekly planing, kinda distracting haha with the rally passing our window.  after weekly planing we made some frozen cookie dough and went to the baptism in U.H. it was so good, the sister missionaries sang in a quartet? (they were 4) and it was so beautiful! then me and my comp were witnesses. after that, we ran, literally, like 2 kilometers in our suits to get to our train that left right when we got to the station.  So we made it back to Zlin, had a wonderful game night haha it was pretty fun we played Bang. then we slept

Sunday, church nothing special about Sunday (besides church) happened. pretty slow, the rally closed up though so all of the tourists left.

and that was my week, sorry that this was like my first good email in a while, I just don't have all the time in the world To email so i'll see you next week

Love yall


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