Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 66

This week was so fun! so first off, sorrz for all of the spelling errors because their is no way to change between an american and czech kez board on thïs computer and i just im not in the most time todaz so sorrz for the z and y thing.

This week though, it was reallz good, reallz fast as well, the time i realliyed todaz that i onlz have 10 months left! that¨s prettz cool!! haha

so i guess if all the weeks go bz this fast i§ll be home lickitz split!! but it was a reallz good week, we taught so manz people, we also went to this sick 7th daz adventist bible studz! it was so cool! the people there were way nice to us, at first they§re all like what are you doing here and we§re all like we§re here to learn about the  bible haha it was fun we got into this discussion of what people consider a cult and we all decided that both of us are cults hahah which isn§t true but whatever it was reallz fun.

then this week, we also got invited to this canadian worship night bz someone, just these canadians who we met on the street who were missionaries were putting it on at this other church, so we went there, on the night of, and the pastor guz of the church was like standing there with his two buddies and thez deniëd us entrz into the thing! and they were like 'no one from other faith can come!' and we're like but we were invited? and then we asked if they are not letting in people from other religions, and thez§re like, no just zou.  so we just left, i was prettz mad. but now i can saz i§ve been cast out of the synagogues hahahah, whatever, zou know i§ve noticed something, everz other church except 7DA and JW just hate on us missionaries, like thez§re just so impolite to us all the time... it makes me frustrated, like seriouslz... just whz?   Probably cuz they be scared.

then on saturdaz we went to this sick village, i§ll send zou a pick, it was awesome, the people there, were these members from Brno and  thez asked us to help them move and then thez took us around the place and showed us everzthing it was so awesome then thez also made us dinner and it was amaying¨!!!  so that was prettz awesome!!!

then at church nothing super exciting happened, hmmm we had 3 Non-members come, so cool!!!

oh also we taught these cambodian and zambian guzs it was so cool thez are both studzing here.  thez are just awesome,  and thez just added on to mz list of countries that i§ve met people from!!

well have a good week, get well soon Jaynanne, i was going to make some jokes about zou being sick but i was afraid zou§d get hurt... hahaha anzwaz for realz though, get better.

well, peace off!!


p.s. here§s a pic of the villiage žirovnice where the service was

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