Monday, October 6, 2014

so this week...

Looking down over Zlin
I'm about 20 feet from the President of Czech Republic
  so this week, i made a package, it has some gifts in it, sorry Tiffany your's wouldn't fit, so y'all'll get that in like 3-4 weeks, does anyone have allergies? mainly Tiffany/Jeremy because i know all y'all's allergies. and don't worry there no cat in there so, i mean like food allergies.

     anyway this week went well, umm it's kinda short just because i emailed you last Tuesday and it's only been from Wednesday til now. but this week we had some pretty good experiences umm just prepping for conference next week, and doing work here, haha so last week though, 2 of our investigators' wives had babies!! so that's awesome, and of course we're focusing all of our lessons on families being forever haha! 

     we went tracting this week, the houses here are pretty cool, in Zlin, oh fyi i'm still in Zlin for a week transfer calls are on Saturday and i'll go to a new area next Monday, it'll be good.  They're actually opening a new area in my district, in a different city so i hope i go there, it'd be way fun, or i could go... ok they're are too many options so i'm not going to name them all, but back to my story. so we went tracting and what we do is we go out putting a paper in people's mail boxes saying, well it's really long but basically, "hey we're missionaries, and we are here to share our message will be back sometime next week if you have questions . . . atd."  so then we come back in a week and track or maybe like 4 days later and the people don't really ever get mad at us, but rather talk to us for quite a while, then say they don't have interest hahaha.
My City of Zlin
but this one old guy was talking to us when we're putting out letters and he's like 'yeah comeback next week,' so when we came back he's pretty excited to have us, invites us in and we taught him.  It was really cool, then he gave us some dinner and showed us pictures from his trip to America, he was there on September 1st, 2001 and he had a picture of the New York sky line with the twin towers, it was really cool, i love America! anyway that was my cool story for the day

but i hope y'all had a good week, i hope you all listened to conference and had a great, uplifting experience from it. I'll get to watch it this weekend.
My bike ride this morning in Zlin
I hope everyone has a good week, if for some reason i don't email next week, it's because i got transferred to an area where they have p day on a different day so it'll come just hold your horses. Love you all, peace off!


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