Monday, October 20, 2014

First Week Of Jihlava

If you recollect from me telling you before, in czech J is a Y noise so Jihlava is pronounced Yeehlava the lava part being said like lava (the hot volcano juice)

Anyway, so this week was super awesome!! we had a ton of cool experiences! and just barely i realized there is no spelling/grammar check on this computer haha! so have fun reading this hahah.  so lets see what we got, we had some awesome lessons this week, one of the people we met has played pro hockey on a Canadian team in the NHL and he's on NHL 2004 hahah so that's pretty awesome! he's like the coolest guy ever, also, now he trades gold and like owns a little firm that helps people who want to invest. it's so cool!

then also this week, we went to a thing about Florida! hahaha it was a bit boring but i learned about Florida... yeah it took me to come to the heart of Europe to figure out exactly what the Florida keys are. it was kinda funny though, the people presenting the thing about Florida kinda made fun of USA a little, just saying stuff like "you can buy a whole gallon of milk AHAHAH" then everyone laughs and i'm sitting there like, thinking "yeah it's awesome! I can buy more then a tiny little litter of milk? what so funny about that?" and now, after watching the presentation, i understand why Europeans think that we are all super fat and just eat McDonalds and KFC for every meal and other ridiculousness haha but whatevs Americans think that Europeans don't even have electricity haha! so i guess it goes both ways.

we were also teaching this way cool girl this week who was like, "yeah i'll get baptized on the 22nd of November" and i was just like "why that day?" and she's like "because I was praying about it a few nights ago and then in the morning it just hit me like a bolt of lightning that that will be the day i'll get baptized." so we're like "well cool, 22nd it is!"  hahah she's awesome! Prayer works. ask and it shall be given unto you.

well, that's all i have today. oh 'nother story real quick, so we're like pretty much broke haha but we still have money so don't worry at all but we make jokes like we're super poor... haha anyway... so i found this coin in my pocket... which i don't know how it got there because i keep very good watch of my money and my wallet is a European wallet with a coin pouch connected, anyway it was 2 Kč and i was like we could survive for another day off of this!! it's like 10 cents in America haha so we made some jokes about how it was a gift from heaven and it was going to let us live for a few days. then later, this was yesterday, we had to go and give the sacrament to a member in the hospital.  so we go to the store, and in this country they have these things called Rohliks which are like super basic bread sticks that are like used for a lot of different stuff here, any way, so were like well let's just get one and were like, oh wait neither of us have any money on our person, then i was like i have 2 Crowns! it was awesome, that was the price of the Rohlik!  anyway so that's my story i think that the money really did come from God it was awesome!

have a great week everyone!


ps i'm 6'4"

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