Monday, October 13, 2014

WoW...What a Week

So on Monday the week started out normal, nothing much we got up, uh and took a bike ride, i already sent you a pic of that, also speaking of pictures, like my email said, that was the president of the Czech Republic, not Zlin haha. then after Monday, Tuesday happened.

it went well we had like 7 lessons, which is one of the better days on my missions so far, also we did an hour of service teachin autistic kids english. any way that night My companion gets a call from prez McConkie, telling him that he has been moved to the office and he's expected there on Thursday morning. so I'm all like cool, 2 more months in Zlin.

Wednesday, we had an amazing district meeting, i taught using this story that Coach Mac always showed us about a man learning how to be a business man. and then at the end, an amazing sister missionary, sister Roubíčková, who is leaving in a few days gave us words of advice on how to complete the things we're expected to do, it was so awesome.  then Wednesday night, Prez McConkie calls us again telling us when we need to be there, and I'm like, well we really need to be here for the weekend for lessons and for a concert on Saturday.  So he's like, ok, come in tomorrow evening so you can teach those people tomorrow because that's more important, oh and btw you won't be staying in Zlin.... so I'm like, oh, ok, well that means I'm blinding out haha!

Thursday was good, we had some lessons, and we prepped the city for brand new missionaries.  it was so much work, probably like 5 hours in total... smh then we went to Prague,

the next morning, president calls me, tells me I'm going to Jihlava this transfer. then, another office elder and I drive back home to Zlin.  we taught a few more lessons.  it was a good day.

the next day was Saturday. we had conference, watched it for 4 hours then high tailed it over to Uherske Hradiste where the sisters had a concert that we were singing in.  it was so So SO awesome! it was all about Jesus Christ, and what he did for us.  the sisters are just so amazing at singing, it went flawlessly! it was seriously just incredible, they had so much participation from the branch it was so cool!  then we watched the another session there with the sisters, and had some off the hook pizza!

Sunday, was great.  met with some people, played some scrabble, packed, watched conference, did more prep work for the new missionaries.

today, woke up, had a meeting early, then left at 8.00 got to Jihlava at 11 because of traffic, now I'm here.

It was a good week, so much to do so little time but just fantastic! I'm excited to be here in Jihlava. my new companion, Elder Pruden, he's in the same group as Elders Talbot and Pearce my former companions.  ¨

you know, i was thinking about conference, and the church is just true.


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