Monday, March 30, 2015

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

yeah, so the snow storm just took out the power in the library for a second, people se zlobited.

but other than that everything's going great, oh and last week, actually i fractured my finger a bit, not just jammed it, still hurts but its almost better so thisll be short. sorry for the lack of apostrophes cant figure out how to put them in.

yeah konference doesnt come for two weeks for me but i hope yall have fun this weekend getin spirituály fed.

jup i got nothing, sorry, i also keep fat fingering the keys with my fat finger hahaha ha ha

umm so yeah this week was pretty good, i was taught how to play soccer by and african kid who we teach. hes so good, we also went to Brno.  and yeah i also had a way dope spiritual experience yesterday with traveling, so yeah you can ask me about that another time when i can type more or speak in person.

have a good one.  gl hf gg


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