Monday, August 17, 2015

Odds & Ends

today i went on a shopping spree with my birthday money. get this, sisters of mine, i was at H&M and i bought 9 shirts of different styles and colours for all under $40, yeah europe is the best.

this week was pretty average though, we went hiking last monday with this awesome member family, and then afterwards spent some time with them at their cottage.

this week i read a book called "the great apostasy" by James E. Talmage, yeah... the catholic church, from what i gather, does not have the priesthood and is therefore not truly God's church.

this week we were also able to do much service for members and we cleaned the Kostel on the Namesti again, we were also able to help a few members in their garden. so it was quite nice.

church was great, i translated for a couple of senior couples and shoot dang it was so hard, the speakers were giving good but the use of the old Czech from the bible was so hard, i basically just made up my own speeches on the spot using key words, so that was fun. I would say that i gave 3 wonderful talks though hahah. 

it was a good week though, the other elders in my district contacted a professional soccer player so we were all invited to a game we're going to on wednesday haha it'll be good.

well, sorry for the mediocre email, see you all next week!


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