Monday, August 10, 2015

short on time...

mission wise and email time wise hahah

yeah so sorry we were doing something rather late and now the email place is closing so i just sent this letter to a dear friend of mine, it's my response to the question of what have i learned of the gospel recently, this was my reply:

i couldn't really tell you what i've learned about the gospel lately, let me teach you about learning though, psychologists say there are two ways in which we learn 1. by law of effect in which some big thing happens that is so startling that it changes our behavior, and 2. by law of exercise in which over a series of small events we become stronger or smarter or better in something, or we change our views. in my mission i had a lot of huge things just hit me by law of effect, while i was still a young missionary, but as i became more experienced and older in the mission field things didn't seem to get me going spiritual wise. this got me down, this is when doubt and depression started to sink in, as i fought through it i realized that God is still there and that he still loves me, but that, he was teaching me differently, and that we're always learning something if we are trying to do what God wants us to do.  So remain exactly obedient and don't get down if you start feeling like the miracles aren't coming so rapidly, look for God's hand in your work and love the people, the rest will be taken care of.


if i were to sum up my mission experience, it'd be something along these lines i hope you enjoyed.

-Starší Spencer Petersen 

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