Monday, August 3, 2015

§ What is this thing? §

yeah so this week went rather well we had a great testimony meeting probably one of the best if not the best one on my mission, save the best for last right? haha

so this week i hit my two year mark July 31st, so that was pretty cool, i've been out here forever. haha in a good way.  

we made an awesome chalk display this week about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  that was fun we were almost all able to teach a few lessons walking around on a diagram and by we all i mean the 6 of us in the district.

but other than that it was all pretty normal, we were able to find and start teaching this couple, they're pretty cool, in the middle of the lesson, the girlfriends phone goes off and her ringtone is a hollywood undead song that right of the bat drops mofo...  it kinda took away from the spirit a little bit, haha but it was hilarious though, because they both totally realized it, then we all had a laugh and brought it back haha.

31 days.




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