Monday, April 7, 2014


hey mom so can you post that last letter to my blog kinda quick, because some of the people from Olomouc are reading it now so if you could put it up within the next couple of hours or make a post on there that says youll do it like every tuesday or something thatd be cool and i mis spelled the word hey and put hej on purpose so can you leave it like that? and also can you leave my letters exactly the way i send them? like if you wanna put colors in for emphasis go for it but just leave the message the exact same like spelling and all. thanks so much for doing that for me also your amazing!

Love, your son, Spencer.

Spencer, You are amazing :)  I will post it right now.  I'll try to post it every Monday evening.  Have a great week!  
Love, Mom
...The spelling is going to kill me :)


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