Monday, April 7, 2014

Day 263, Demz da breaks

This week has just been crazy, last week of the transfer and we were trying to pack so many lessons in because i was leaving  so we had a way crazy time, i don't have my planner here becuase i had to make a new one for my new area but it was a pretty good week. on monday we went to Sternberk, didn't spell that right but i don't want to have to keep changing my keyboard, then we came back had 2 lessons

on tuesday we taught some more had a fun english class i had a lot of people come  got some gifts at the end haha one of my english students gave me alcholic chocolate. then i packed that night anticipating my move.
wednesday was less crazy  but we talked to some sick people on the park scene had a lesson with my favorite investigator for the last time.

thursday was awesome, went to Prostejov (spelling again) had  the best lunch thing ever with an elderly sister, than we went to a blind member's house and walked with him to the bus stop it's crazy how good he can get around. i'm saying crazy a lot. then came back to Olomouc had game night went home tired wrote some letters to some members

Friday woke up tired. tired, but still kickin. (i don't really read my blog but when i spell words like this "kickin" it's because that's the way i want it to be read not kicking it doesn't have the same effect.) but then we had some good times with some people who we met on wednesday had 2 great lessons in the morning had some successful finding in the afternoon.

Saturday is a special day, it's a day we get ready for Sunday. i can't remember anything about this day because  got my new area assignment. started fasting.

Sunday: This was the best day for me. so i woke up 6:30 just like everyday, went to church at 7:40 got there, had a meeting with the branch president and 1st counselor, and then we had the best sacrament i've ever had in my life. It was fast and testimony meeting, i'm getting all emotional just writing about it, but i asked my branch president to ask an investigator of mine give the opening prayer, and of course she did because she's amazing. and it was the best prayer i've ever heard. and then after blessing the sacrament i went and sat down next to her. the meeting went well, there was some awesome testimonies one of my favorites was a girl that was baptized about a year ago it was so good.  While the meeting was going on i wrote a little note to the girl i was sitting by (my investigator) asking her to bear her testimony, and she's like no, you should you're leaving, and i don't want to cry. but i was like, neither do i and then i proceded to make a deal with her that i would if she did.  so after thinking about it she kept looking for a time to get up and then in my head i was like oh crap she's going to so now i have to. but then she got up and she bore the most fantastic testimony i have ever heard. ever. i lost it. and then now it's my turn. and i have to get up already crying but that was the deal, and i'm good for my word.  so i struggled not to cry through my testimony, while trying to speak czech, it was hard.  now i can't even remember what was said but i know that it was so amazing and the girls that stood up and bore their testimonies are just so so cool. I Love them both so much! I'm going to miss them so much now that i'm not in Olomouc but hej, demz da breaks.  The rest of the day went well, we delivered brownies to people, our oven burned them though. I got some amazing gifts from people. then another highlight of the day, last phone call to an investigator,, and we both cried... if anyone just sang t-swift in their head they're my kind of people. but it was a good day probably the best of my mission so far, I'm going to miss the people of olomouc. it's my favorite city in the world. But we'll make it good here. but, no looking back, because "those who put their hand to the plow and look back are not fit for the Kingdom of God." Goodbye Olomouc. See ya latter.

-Starší Petersen

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