Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Area Assignment!!!

Hey yall, sorry i didn't email yesterday, dad stop freaking out like seriously, i bet you like called the mission office, just if i don't email you i'll probably just email you in the next week or later the same week. haha

so some crazy stuff happened we were going out to Stramberk yesterday and we're sitting in the train station and we get a call from president mckonkie and he's just like ok, so an elder went home in the office, so he had to be replaced so my companion got called to Olomouc to take his space, i'm getting moved to Dubina, Ostrava, and my area is getting shut down. so i'll still be in the same city but it's interesting. right now i'm still in my area with another missionary who is training and his companion broke his foot in the mtc so after i go to Brno this weekend i'll head over to Prague to pick up the new kid do visa work. and finally i'll go to my new area. with my 2 new companions. so for this transfer, i will have served in 3 areas with 5 companions.  That's the way we roll here in the czech republic. 

Hopefully though, the new elder that just got sent to Olomouc will like it there, all of you that are there right now really help him with his czech and help him learn to love being a missionary, he really needs it right now, just ask him about his investigators and how his teaching is going and if he's found anyone cool.  just really encourage him and show him that people care for what he's doing and that he makes a difference out here. also bear testimony to him on just the little things of the truth you know, teach with him as much as you can, just make him learn to love it here and welcome him with open arms!  Oh and only speak czech to him, you have no idea how much that helps!

As for the missionary that just left to the office, he might be back and don't be to sad you'll get chances to see him again, i know he left pretty quick but, he's doing great and the office is such a good place for him to be, and just saying i totally called it, last transfer i was like "he's going to the office" look who was right! this guy!

The rest of the week went rather boringly. in comparison at least. so i really got nothing to say umm well yeah, seriously boring. I loved priesthood session of conference, oh and i said i was going to talk about conference this week but i don't have a bunch of time left so, oh and also so next week my p day will be kinda ruined because i have to leave my apartment sunday morning and get back monday evening and so maybe i'll get to email in Prague but if not my email will be late again. or visa work will go fast and we'll get back in time to email. but, regaurdless don't freak out.

Oh we did go to ┼átramberk yesterday it was really cool. I'll send some pictures next week, i would right now but i'm busy downloading 6000 pictures and videos someone gave me from last transfer. so my camera and external drive are busy haha 

k cool well see yall next week, and see yall from olomouc in brno!!


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