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     So my new city is Ostrava, i would've told you last week but because you kept asking me to tell you where i'm getting transfered I just decided not to. haha. like, what other news do i even have to tell you other than oh hey i'm in a new city hahah you guys, any way Ostrava is a good city it is the european city of sport 2014 and they have a lot of sweet stuff here they got some pretty big malls and stuff. downsides this city is way spread out which actually really isn't a downside but it is harder because it takes so long to get places. umm there are a lot of Jehovah's Witnesses here because during WW2 you had a choice, go to war or work in the mines. and since this is a mining city and JWs don't believe in war they all live here now. it's frustrating mostly just because they love to argue and the spirit of contention is of the devil so i'm not going to argue with people to convince them of truth. The sad part is they don't understand this. but yeah other than that i had a pretty good week.

during the week we got to watch conference. it was so good, i have some stuff from it to tell yall. dang it no i don't because you have to check in your bags at this library but, next week i'll have some stuff from conference.

the guy in front of me is watching floor ball. what a joke of a sport. it's like womens hockey. like no skates no pads no skill.

well since i don't have anything from conference i do have some pics!

i don't like how i look in this picture but everyone else looks fine so there's one for ya

​​street sign kinda in the way but you get the picture, this is part of my new city, Iron horse statue in the middle. (like a horse mixed with a train, it's kinda clever).​

​but so anyway the transition here was a little smooth we got the most lessons in the mission this week i feel like it was kinda cheap that we had two areas mixed haha but whatevs, we'll see how the rest of the transfer goes, right now i'm in a 3 companionship, we had to mix areas because a kid in the mtc broke his foot so he has to stay an extra 3 weeks meanwhile his trainer will be with us here i'm excited for the new transfer. i'm still sad that i had to leave olomouc :( but i'm happy that the investigator i left there decided to keep meeting with the missionaries. and that she has such great faith.​ ​​​  ​oh well, hopefully i'll see all my olomouc friends in Brno on the 27 when i go there for district conference.

​ok this is to clear up some questions that have been asked by yall (repeatedly.)

first off just so we're all clear Czech Republic and Slovakia are different countries and have been since the berlin wall fell. (not in relation with the wall just at the same timeish.)

we don't use euros in Czech Republic we use the czech crown 1 crown is equal to 5 cents. Slovokia uses euros.​ 

Czech is pronounced the way it is because in the old czech language they didn't have čárka like the little carrot guy you see above the c so instead, like in polish, they followed the letter with a z to change it's noise.

the Czech Republic doesn't have a Stake so all of my areas are Branches, no matter their size.

and the language i speak is Czech and it is, according to the people the second hardest language in the world to learn, the reason it beats Finnish is because of the irregularities of pattern, other languages like Russian or Slovainian which some would argue are harder don't even hold a candle to the difficulty. Like there are sounds made in Czech that i bet americans can't do unless you were to practice it for months like we do. case in point ř.

so that's all the folks see yall, oh well talk to yall next week, see yall in a year and a halfish, thats crazy i'm over a 4th done actually including the mtc i'm 1/3 done, and if you're in Olomouc see ya at Brno!


ps the pictures are kinda small now because the thing wouldn't lett me send them big due to size

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