Monday, March 16, 2015

"I used to be bulimic..."


Yeah so why this quote you're probably wondering, well, this whole week I had strep throat and then this morning i threw up a bunch, and then nothing really came out so I went and ate some food and then kinda forced myself to throw up again to get everything out and it reminded me of this quote. 

but because of my sickness I don't remember the week and we also didn't do anything.

but as for the story that I was telling last week, umm yeah so they said she died, and we said, "well... humm" and then the woman who was talking to us said I'll go and get my husband he was related to her, so he comes out and invites us in so we walk in the gate and through the door and this old lady sees us and is just ecstatic that we are there, "oh come in come in come in!!"  So we go in, she feeds us and we are asking about the member.  Then this woman just told us all about how she knows all about the church and she has the book of mormon and how she wanted to learn more because of her cousin that was a member (the dead woman).

That was awesome!! and it just goes to show the importance of sharing the gospel to those who you care about, this woman was able to help us as missionaries from beyond the grave because of the incredible example that she put forth in the life that she lived.  Share the gospel with those around you! It is your duty as a child of God to help everyone get closer to him!

thanks for all the emails they were great this week!


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