Monday, March 23, 2015

Rough week

so i'll just give you a little highlights summary of the week this time

monday: stayed inside, was sick.

tuesday: stayed inside, was sick.

Wednesday: My branch president took us out to a restaurant, it was great, had svíčková so that was awesome.

thursday: FHE it was supper fun we played aktivity.

Friday: went to Trebic

saturday: went to žirovnice, did some service walked around in the forest had some great czech food, it was was awesome.

sunday: Got fed by our recent convert's parents, had svíčková it was so good (better than the restaurant, you just can't beat homemade)

and today: went to Trebic again played basketball with the other elders in our district, jammed my finger pretty good, so it's not the most pleasant thing writing this that's why it's so short. so see ya'll next week.

-Spencer "Staršíčku" Petersen

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