Monday, March 9, 2015


so this week went went well, nothing huge happened.

we played basket ball against some kids in the park and destroyed them,(Europeans don't know how to play basket) and then we played soccer against them and beat them in that as well. so this leads me to the conclusion that Europeans just can't play sports hahah but it was fun!

but yesterday something actually kinda cool happened we went to a tiny, tiny little village which was a 2.5 hour train ride out from our city (still well within our area) and we get there, walk two kliks to the village, and then we start looking for the street.  we ask a guy, do you know where jivovi street is? and he looked at us and said did you come by train?... yeah. You guys are idiots jivovi isn't a street its a village and its 6 kliks that way... so then we walked there. then when we got there we found the house and low and behold, the member we were looking for Died 2 years ago...

To be continued....


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