Monday, June 1, 2015


so we went to Bratislava this week! that was pretty fun, going to Slovakia is always cool.  we tracted a lot this week. which was fun, because we always had people to talk to haha we only got escorted out 3 times this week, and only once by the police, so i'd say it was a success! hahaha

other than that not a ton happened, a family who lives here and in California moved back here for the summer, so that's supper helpful to the branch, they have 5 kids it's pretty cool to see a big family again at church.

other than that this week was pretty much all taken up with the excitement in BratislavÄ›.

ya know i feel like i used to notice everything that was different about the Czech Republic and culture, but now i feel like i just think it's all supper normal, that's kinda weird, like today my companion was like "i think it's funny that they drive around 4 wheelers here on the roads" and i was like (in my mind) "wait, that's not normal?" it's just weird hahah that all this stuff that's around me that's completely different from home is now just normal. when i get home i'm going to have such a crazy reverse culture shock, i can't even imagine how it must have been for Trevor sheesh Asia, i can't even imagine!

well like my district leader who goes home with me says "we still got tons of time"

so, see you in a while.


p.s. well, unless you live here in CZ because then i'll see you in 3 weeks in Praze :) Ahoj!

oh pps: good luck at camp lol Oskar (heh heh i spelled wrong on purpose), and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAYNANNE AND TREVOR (Spencer)!!!!! 

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