Monday, June 22, 2015

District Conference

Congrats to Trevor Spencer! For finishing his mission this week the 4 corners will really be taking a hit with the loss of such a great missionary as he was! Good luck on your homecoming speech!

This week went super well, I left my planner at home so it's going to be a struggle writing this email.  I apologize in advance.

so umm last Tuesday we had english (just like every Tuesday) Pro tip: if you're teaching english as a missionary and you have someone ask if you can explain some song lyrics, if you say yes, explain you can't if they say the lyrics come from snoop dog, before they tell you what the lyrics are, in front of the whole class.

Wednesday we hit up Trebic, it went well.

Thursday also went well i cant remember what we did.

Friday we played volejbal, and I didn't get stitches! I'm making progress you guys!

Saturday was cool, we went to Prahy, and got to listen to conference! it was really good, the people who spoke had some good messages. I got my package! thanks, it's pretty awesome! we'll probably make s'mores and hamburgers and eat doritos on the 4th commemorating the birth of that great nation over the seas!! and in the morning i'm making waffles! (with real syrup.)

Sunday was just so great! we were in Praze again and we got to listen to the main session of combined District Conference, it was super awesome! President Kearon was there, and he was just a great speaker, but it was super cool just to see all of my mission basically, like all the members from all the branches I served and all the missionaries.  It was so cool!

cool little story right when we were leaving we heard this guy from behind us yelling Elders!! so i turned around and this guy walks up to me with his wife and daughter from Brazil and they just happened to be walking past district conference as it got out.  We helped them get to the metro it was just a cool little experience.  It's always nice to see members! 

Thanks for all of the support from everyone!



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