Monday, June 8, 2015 whole person hurts.

so this week was good. we went to an interesting worship service, Pentecostal in nature... strange, but It was cool, they stood in a circle around us and blessed us to do our work effectively so that we can push forward God's efforts here so it was actually pretty cool, but still kinda strange, but good still. 

On Thursday I had my last interview of my mission with President McConkie. (before my departing interview).

then on Friday we were playing beach volejbal with the YSA here and the ball was hit out by my team and I ran and slid to get it, and when I slid (and got it and got the point, fyi) I hit the little cement threshold that keeps the sand in with my knee and got a huge gash in it. so I walked off before I started bleeding all over the sand, and I went to the lifeguards at the big complex we were at and the bandaged it up, then we went to the hospital and I got stitches.  Only three, because they were just holding down this big flap of skin.

it was super funny though, I was sitting in the room with the lifeguards and they're getting out medical stuff, and i'm just like, "so how's it going at work today?" they just both gave me this, like are you serious? sort of look, like half-squinted eyes, haha, so then when we got to the hospital 
I just started talking to the doctor who was giving me stitches and he gave me the same look, but he started talking with me. and now his mom is going to come to our English class, missionary work: accomplished.

but then the next day we were working on a farm, and we were shoveling out this deer kennel or stalls or I don't know but we were just shoveling out all this poop, It was great! (half sarcasm) it was alright, hahah.  so if you've ever shoveled out chicken and or deer poop that is probably 5 years of growth you'd know that you have to take it off by layers, I didn't. so I put my pitchfork real deep, and I am lifting, but nothing comes up and my pitch forks is stuck, then I strained my back super bad because I was lifting with my back and not my legs due to my knee problem... and so I kept working for the next 4 hours, of course :) and then when I got home and laid down I couldn't stand for like a few hours and then I felt like a super old person because I started using the broom as a walking stick.

Sunday was good. got the cops called on us twice. avoided them both times haha.

then today I went and got my stitches taken out. which hurt like a, like a .... like a lot of pain. 
haha, a lot of jokes

and that was my week, it was pretty cool. also another cool story that I just thought of, umm oh yeah so this mom and her daughter came to sacrament meeting yesterday and then they were going to leave afterwards, but the a little member girl was talking to the daughter and she's like "so are you going to come for primary?" and then led the daughter to primary. and then this mom was like "where's my kid?" and the the member girls mom is like "oh they went to primary, you should stay for Sunday School!"

and then they did and the mom loved it! and that was all because of a little 6 year old girl! every member is a missionary, and we need all the help we can get!

sorry this was so long have a great week!


I had another picture of rolls I made, and the pancake loaf, hahah, pancake batter in a bread tin in the oven pure genius

but it was to big to send for some reason.


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