Monday, June 29, 2015


So i was called to my final city on Saturday.  I'm now serving in Hradec Kralove (pronounced like this: Hrad, the a makes an awe noise hrad-ets don't forget to roll your Rs, Kral again with the awe and the rolling R and the last part ove, it's like oh ve the e makes and egg e noise so Hrad-ets Kral-ove) it's my last 9 week transfer here before going home.  so it's going to be a good 9 weeks, HK is a good city, it's a college town, but we just ended the semester so that really has no benefit for us right now, but it's rather big anyway so it doesn't matter that the students are gone.

umm this week was fairly uneventful besides the packing and then the unpacking umm nothing else really big happened. we were playing soccer and one of our members got hurt and he kinda complained about it for a little then just continued playing, then he didn't show up at church today so turns out that he somehow broke a blood vessel and had internal bleeding so that was pretty intense.  

I had this really cool meeting with a man from England over lunch, he couldn't find anywhere to sit at this restaraunt so he sat with us, then we had a good long discussion about how the book of mormon came to be and how our church started that was a cool lesson.


well that's all for now folks!!


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