Monday, June 15, 2015


So this week went.

umm nothing huge, like I don't know, nothing is really standing out to me... lets see...

oh it was way cool, so yesterday, these two guys pass us, they kinda look super rough, pretty thug like, so we just passed them but said ,,dobry den" just like always and they pass us and then just a few minutes later we are now walking behind them... I don't know how that happened because we were going in opposite directions. then they stopped to take a smoke break and we pass them again, and say ,,dobry den" and the older one says, "ey! wbherl oe  adydear nodsr" (this was Ukrainian so I didn't understand it) so I was like "what?" and then he said it again, this time I understood, (Ukrainian and Czech are similar and he was speaking like half and half) he was just asking us what we were doing and then one thing led to another, and we ended up going to their apartment and meeting like these 6 Ukrainian guys and teaching about the Book of Mormon. it was cool.

yeah so that's my story.

we made burritos.

we went to the circus. one of the YSA was called up by the clown and took part in an act, it was funny.

church went well we had about 35 people. it was great, a lot of families.

next Sunday is combined district conference, it is going to be so cool. Rumor has it, an apostle might be there. we'll see.

​and to wrap it up here's an inspirational quote: "All men have their fears, but those who face their fears with faith have courage​ as well." -Thomas Spencer Monson

oh that's weird did I just write out his whole middle name hmm my bad.


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